Dr Susan Etok live on Geraldo at Large: Fox News – 6th April 2013

Dr Susan Etok on Geraldo at Large:Fox News – 6th April 2013

Dr Susan Etok on Geraldo at Large:Fox News – 6th April 2013

I’ve always had a good working relationship with the team at Fox News: Geraldo at Large, so when Geraldo Rivera asked me to appear on the show, I gladly obliged.

The show airs at 10pm EST and is filmed in the New York studio. This meant that I had to be in the London studio before 3am to make my appearance via satellite. Being the perfectionist that I am, I a opted to appear live rather than producing a pre-recorded tape (quite un-beyonce-esque).

I set my alarm for 1am and at 1.30am I got a call from the chauffeur ready  to whisk me off to the studio. As glamorous as it sounds, all I wanted to do was go back to bed. But, duty calls and I had to tough it out, plying myself with coffee to keep my eyes open.

When I arrived at the studio, I found out that the make-up artist did not have foundation in my colouring. Thank God for emergency kit that I always carry with me. The US public were spared the horror of seeing my humongous dark circles…..

It’s amazing how in recent years I have mastered the knack of transforming from the ‘Uggs and scruffs look’ to ‘camera ready look’, in under 30 minutes.